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Aetna Dental Access

This dental network provides members with discounts of 15% to 50%* on dental services at over 92,500** available dental practice locations nationwide in most instances. Members simply present their card bearing the Aetna Dental Access® logo, along with payment in full of the discounted fee, for immediate savings at the time services are rendered. Members will want to utilize their card and enjoy the savings time and time again.

Doctors by Phone

You can connect via telephone or video conference, with no per-call free, with our network of physicians for informational or diagnostic consultation. Our Telahealth provider, the first in the industry, is the largest in the country. This service is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to non emergent Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Physician office visits. Doctors by Phone provides the least expensive and most convenient care.


The neighborhood pharmacy program assures members the lowest price on prescription drugs, saving 10% to 85% on most prescriptions. It's simple to use. The member simply presents the membership card to the pharmacist with the prescription. The pharmacist calculates the discount and the member pays the discounted price. No other paperwork required.


Coast to Coast Vision™ (CTC) has over 12,000 eye care locations nationwide. Members save on eyeglasses, contacts and laser surgery. The CTC provider network is the most thorough in the U.S. It includes ophthalmologists, optometrists, independent optical centers and most national chains.


Newport Audiology Centers is one of the nation’s leading providers of audiological and hearing-aid services with a network of more than 2,000 full service centers. All of the latest digital technologies and models are available through this program, including Completely-In-the-Canal, In-the Ear and Behind-the-Ear models.

In order for members to receive their savings benefits, they must call the 800 number listed in the membership booklet to schedule an appointment. Members will then be directed to the closest location for their complimentary audiological (hearing) evaluation.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies Service has been designed to offer members a convenient solution for ordering medical supplies and equipment. Through Medical Supplies Service, members will save $5 on orders of $100 or more retail price on Walkers, Power Mobility Scooters, Hospital Beds, Blood Pressure Devices, and much more. Simply order online or call the toll-free number to speak with a Medical Supplies representative.


The Physician Visit Network and Hospital Referral Network utilize one of the largest networks in the nation. This nationally recognized network owns their physician contracts so it cannot lose coverage due to cancellation of a lease agreement. Plus, the network maintains control of physician education and service levels.

Medical Bill Saver

Providers need to be paid for their services in a timely fashion and frequently have to depend on multiple parties for payment. While no promises can be made, they are often willing to negotiate a discount in return for certainty of payment and lower collection costs. The Health Advocate Medical Bill Saver™ benefit can lower out-of-pocket costs on medical bills not covered by insurance. Advocates will work with healthcare providers and attempt to lower the balance on any uncovered medical or dental bill over $400.


Members receive discounts of 10% to 60%* off usual charges for MRI and CT procedures while utilizing credentialed radiology providers. These radiologists deliver tests and test interpretations which lead to appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment.


Members save 30% to 50% at over 3,000 participating Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide.


Good health starts with asking questions and knowing where to go for the answers. Nurse Hotline offers toll-free access to experienced registered nurses, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our hotline nurses are an immediate, reliable and caring source of health information, education and support.

Vitamins & Diabetic Supplies is your one-stop shop for thousands of top brand vitamins, supplements, herbs, organics and natural health care products at up to 80% off retail everyday. Choose from over 400 brands and 12,000 items in stock and enjoy savings of 10% on already low prices. Members can place orders online or toll free by phone. Most orders ship the same day and every order is backed by the exclusive 5-star guarantee.


Check Out Our LifeStyle Products



Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation. LifeLock, the leader in identity theft protection, works proactively to help protect your identity – even if your information falls into the wrong hands. If you become a victim of identity theft while a member of LifeLock due to a failure in their service, they will spend up to $1 million to cover the cost for lawyers, investigators, case manager, but not any direct losses as a result of the theft.

Roadside Assitance

Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist members when owned or leased vehicles are disabled as a result of unavoidable circumstances. Members will only have to pay for any non-covered expenses or covered costs in excess of the 15 miles per occurrence maximum (up to $80 retail value). Coverage is extended to the member, spouse, and dependent children up to 21 years of age permanently residing at registered address when driving any vehicles that they own or lease for 12 months or longer.


The Pet Care Savings Program is designed to save members money on everything for their special family member - their pet! All the pets in the household can take advantage of this program. The Pet Care Savings Program is not insurance. With the Pet Care Savings Program there is a 25% discount at network veterinarians on most procedures, plus savings of 10% to 35% on pet products and services at participating merchants. The Pet Care Savings Program also includes a free pet ID tag and confidential 24-hour pet location service in the event of a lost pet.


The legal benefit is provided by a nationwide discount legal referral service. Attorneys in our network have an average of 19.4 years of experience.

Cash Back Rewards

Enjoy great deals, huge savings, and Cash Back when you shop at your favorite online stores. Convenient shopping, exciting savings, and CashBack are what make your CashBack Rewards Mall the only place to shop on the Internet.

The Vehicle To Residual Income

System And Compensation


Becoming An ABO

The 3 Tier ABO is what made Xpress Healthcare famous due to its generous comp plan and agency bonuses. Not only is it competitive, but it IS the best 3 tier compensation model in the industry.

If you are finally ready to focus on building a large Agency of 3 tiers and receiving overrides for your leadership, this is the plan for you! You’ll receive our complete marketing system and back offices as well as the Premium Membership.


MINI BUSINESS AGENCY EXAMPLE: Recruit 100 ABO’s. Those ABO's recruit 10 each (2nd tier) on average. Those 2nd tier abo's recruit 2 3rd tier abo’s each. You would earn $372,000/year!

Imagine an agency full of ABOs and Memberships where you receive a 6 figure residual income for your hard work and leadership! Now THIS is why we put this company together. Let’s have some fun. Earn on your 1st tier direct ABO sales, 2nd tier, AND 3rd tier. Now you’re building what we call The Xpress ABO Agency and you are on your way to owning one of the most respected businesses in the industry!



  • Completely brand your business with your personal touch
  • Categorize leads through scoring system…(or just mark certain prospects as your favorite)
  • Receive text alerts for scheduled meetings, calls, etc.
  • Receive instant alert for every sale.
  • Dozens and dozens of features…


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Xpress Healthcare Other Healthcare Gold/Silver Juice Company
Price $9.90 Trial $67/month $49.99 Setup – $140/month $475 Setup – $100/month $39 Setup – $130/month
Website Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Contact Managaement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Training Yes Yes No
Real Time Traffic Tracking Yes
Email Broadcast System Yes
24/7 Streaming Webinars Yes
Personal Company Email Yes
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